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The Client

The National Institute of Preventive Technology (INTP) works in the areas of public security, especially in the prevention, control and combat of domestic and family violence in the guidelines of the Maria da Penha Law (Law 11,340 / 2006), with the Public Prosecution Service.

The Challenge

In order to promote the monitoring of urgent protective measures for women victims of domestic and family violence through integrated judicial and executive action, the Institute needed a communication solution that would provide high reliability, integrated with the Panic Button.

The Solution

Developed by SPIRIT over the Asterisk PABX platform, the Preventive Security Device – PSD, popularly known as the Panic Button, is a device designed for at-risk women to trigger the police.

When triggered, the GSM micro-transmitter automatically emits the exact location of the victim to the Police Station, which sends a team to help her.

The equipment also immediately records the audio of the environment, allowing real time controllers to know what happens at the origin of the call. The audio also will be available to the Justice Department for use as evidence.

The police officers also receive details about the device’s carrier and the description of its possible aggressor, allowing an even more effective approach.

The Benefits

In the first two years and four months of use of the device, 23 calls and 11 arrests were registered. In all the calls, the police took from 3 to 9 minutes to reach the victim’s local. In addition to Espírito Santo, the platform has been also used in Goias, Paraná, São Paulo and other Brazilian states.

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