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We Craft IT Security & Performance Solutions

Born in 2004, SPIRIT joined our enthusiasm for Linux and open source softwares to an extensive corporate experience, bringing to the company a business vision, focused on results to our clients.

Through a highly qualified team, we have provided better and more reliable systems and therefore CIOs that are backed by Spirit declare that our implementations deliver a performance 80% superior. As a result, over the years, our focus has increasingly become to offer Security and Performance solutions for a demanding market.


In the current presence of growing digital threats, we can support your company through the whole cyber security cycle, from incident response to framework implementation.

Cyber Security Consultancy
Cyber Security Incident Response
Cyber Security Penetration Test
Cyber Security Engineering
Cyber Security Framework Implementation (ISO 27001, NIST, etc)


Is your organization burdened with costly systems that constantly fails or lost about where to invest to get the agility needed? We are here to help.

IT Infrastructure and Infrastructure as Code

Linux, MySQL, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, Rundeck, Kubernetes, Bacula Backup, OCS Inventory

IT Virtualization

Docker, VMWare, OpenNebula, KVM, XenServer, OpenVZ, LXC

IT Monitoring

Icinga, Nagios, Zabbix, Graylog, Logstash, Kibana

Internet Routing

Internet Exchange Point (IX) Peering, Bilateral Peering, Autonomous System Number (ASN) Management, Bird, Quaqqa, Mikrotik, Multiple routing tables, BGP, RIP, OSPF, BFD, Babel, Static routes, IPv4 and IPv6

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We provide IT Security and Performance solutions for the leading market segments

Data Center and Network Provider
FinTech and Finance
e-Commerce and Retail


An experienced consulting firm, our company has an established and broad Client Portfolio

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